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Why Is China Known As The Leading Pcb Assembly Country?

China has everything a country needs for an active booming economy: a stable political environment, rich human and natural resources, positive national policies and a strong international influence. Which is why, as one of the largest developing countries, it holds great power in electronics manufacturing. Here is why PCB is so relevant in China.


  1. Resources

As far as PCB assembly manufacturing is concerned, China is full to the brim with resources that support it. With a large domestic demand, comprehensive supporting industries and a relatively low labor cost, China has become one of the biggest producers of electronics manufacturing services. China is actually the number 1 in its electronic manufacturing all over the world, its printed circuit board manufacturing having surpassed Japan in 2006.

Till date, Chinese industries in China have a hold over about 50% of international business, wherein China has become the largest supplier of PCB assembly manufacturing. Newer high tech and added value printed circuit boards are taking over the market, which is where China blooms. People are now buying HDI printed circuit boards and heavy copper ones over single/double-sided and multilayer boards.

  1. Environment

China has a steady economic, natural and political environment so product security, vacant expectation and unpredictably prolonged delivery times are a thing of the past with Chinese manufacturers. This is what makes or breaks an electronics manufacturing industry. As one of the leading countries with economic strength, China has focused deeply on the nation and people in almost all aspects. This is how China flourishes.

  1. Scientific progress

China has a bad rap for being the country that everything is ‘made’ in. But it is the firm resolution of Chinese scientific innovation to change the view public view of seeing their products as ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China.’ China has admirably ranked high amongst the top tier in electronics manufacturing, with the proud notion that some companies have achieved highly innovative techniques like Flex printed circuit boards and Flex-rigid printed circuit boards. As China keeps raising the bar for it and their product structure has also been undergoing gradual optimization.

  1. Environmental friendliness

There is a raised awareness of environmental protection amongst Chinese electronic manufacturers. In the past several years the Chinese have been increasing rigorous regulations where they have to comply with environmental protection policies. Factories can be disqualified and shut down if they do not abide by these policies. RoHS certification and lead-free requirements have become the standard.

Role in international trade

China took on an active role in international trade almost as soon as the opening policy was implemented 30 years ago. They had been carrying out full scale exports! After having suffered from seclusion, Chinese president Xi Jingping has been actively trying to open and reform policies, and has been playing a major role in international trade stages like G20 and APEC.

China has been innovating and progressing in their electronics manufacturing industries at lighting pace, which is how they have become the leading country for printed circuit board assemblies.


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