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Role of Electronic Components in A Printed Circuit Board Assembly | GREATPCB |

Electronic gadgets have become an indispensable part of our life. But do you know what happens behind these components? Each electronic equipment has a PCB or printed circuit unit at its centre. These units are made up of different components, each having their own role and function. The professionals have to study these units separately to understand the whole process. Each section of the PCBA performs a different task. Here we are trying to explain the different roles played by the different electrical components in a printed circuit board unit;

pcba for radio frequency


Resistors are components used to block or regulate the flow of electricity inside the circuit. It is important that you have a system to monitor the current flow or it could lead to more accidents. The LED lights and wires attached to the board might blow up or be damaged permanently because of the high voltage electricity. The resistors hence are an indispensable part of the printed circuit board assembly.


LEDs or light-emitting diodes are mostly used for giving the printed circuit board assembly by Great PCB an added aesthetic appeal. The colourful lights are easier to identify and require little to no technical support. Plus, these lights act as effective indicators, giving the user an idea about the current input and output in the board.


With the capacitors, you can basically design an indicator in the circuit. This would inform the user if the electric current or voltage has reached its limit. The capacitors can store a small quantity of electricity. They function like small batteries and can cut off the electric flow to protect the circuit from any permanent harm. This, in turn, leads to a small light to blink indicating that the current has been cut off.



The transistors are one of the most important aspects of the circuit board that control the current and electric flow inside effectively. It is a simple and effective component that works as a regulator and switch. This means that you can turn on and off the circuit with the transistor. It also helps the user control the current flow in the amplifier and increase power within the PCB.


The inductors are the opposite of capacitors. With the capacitors, you can charge or discharge the batteries inside the circuit. They are used to store electric charge in small battery like units. With the inductors, you can block the AC or alternating current flow. This allows for the free circulation of the DC or direct current flow through the system. It enhances the performance of the electrical device and reduces electricity usage effectively.

pcb prototype for medical products

The bottom line

The PCB assembling and maintenance is not an easy job, it requires an in-depth knowledge of how electrical current and framework works. In case you have any damage or repairs in any electrical appliance, ensure that you consult a professional. It is a safer, effective and more time-saving process than doing it yourself.

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PCB Board Design Services for 2020 | GREATPCB |

The PCB board is a complex network of fuses, wires and other components. Each of these units plays a part in the board’s functionality. The earlier models and through-hole design have now become obsolete making way for the surface mounted construction. These recent advancements have further contributed to enhancing the performance of the circuit. If you have any electrical appliance in your place that needs repair, call for the PCB assembly services immediately. Read on to know more about the PCB board design and ways you can customise it. The article also talks about the latest trends in the industry and how it improves the PCB’s effectiveness;
Types of PCB designs
There are multiple types of PCB design services available to customers. The most common of all are the single coil, double coil and multilayer circuits. The multilayer boards are the most popular of all. These PCBs are optimized for multiple electrical devices. It allows for more density and electric flow. Also, the multilayer PCBs are safer and more advance when compared to their other counterparts.
Benefits of modern PCB designs
The modern-day PCB designs offer a number of benefits to users. They are more durable, effective, and safer than their preceding designs. These leading PCB design services are offered by professionals in the field like Great PCB, where experts are trained to handle all kinds of equipment. Here are some of the top perks offered by the PCB that you should know about;
Fixed components
The components and sections in a PCB board are fixed. This reduces the risk of the parts falling apart thereby causing the entire appliance to malfunction. There are wires, solders and other equipment to hold the entire PCB together. Plus, there are silkscreens and sections demarcating the various networks. There are no complicated wiring systems that need to be unravelled.
Lesser risks
The modern PCB designs are more user-friendly, accessible and safer. For unlike the earlier models, these boards are not susceptible to short circuits and burns. The insulation covering, giving the board a distinct green colour, protects the device from getting overheated. It also protects the user from getting hurt. Plus, there are fuses, indicators and switches for regulating the electric flow inside the circuit. This saves on electricity and makes the framework more sustainable. 
The new versions of the PCB designs are also very cost-effective and affordable when compared with the earlier models. You don’t have to spend a fortune in the assembling, maintenance and repair services. Also, the board saves on electricity and is quite a perk for your pocket. The inexpensive construction, simplistic design and effective services make PCB a popular choice among users
The bottom line
Electronic appliances have become crucial for our everyday functioning. Finding a good repairman in case of damage is a tough task. Try looking for the best PCB installation services online. Read through the customer reviews and ratings to have a better idea about their expertise and credibility.
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Software architecture of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) | GREATPCB |

Over the years, technology has evolved and made our lives a lot easier. There are gadgets and electronics for the simplest of tasks. Everything from cooking to cleaning has become quicker and simpler. However, these gadgets that we use in common everyday life are not as simple as they look. For, at the very centre of this equipment we have a PCB or printed circuit unit that consists of several components. PCB assembling is an extremely complicated process. The unit also involves a software architecture other than the electrical component. Read on to know all about the PCB software framework and its usage.
printed circuit board assembly pcba
What are PCB networks made of?
The printed circuit board is designed to mechanically and electrically support components via a copper foil. There are laminated sheets are soldered into the unit. Plus, there are different types of PCB units that you can pick from. They come in single copper, double copper and multi-copper types. Electricians usually pick from these components depending on the size and scalability of the gadget. The multilayer PCBs are extremely popular among users because they can be used for multiple types of equipment. Also, the printed circuit board assembly PCBA by Great PCB incorporates various types of technologies that make the installation process easier. Here are some of the common software frameworks that you can commonly find in the market;
Through whole technology
The earlier PCB models used the through whole technology as a cheaper and more an effective way of installing units. In this framework, the electrical components are mounted by leads and then inserted through holes on one side. This system was costlier as it involved multiple units and assembling.
printed circuit board assembly pcba
Surface mount technology
The surface mount technology is a relatively modern and recent method. The technique gained momentum especially after an increase in electrical gadgets. Each of these units had to be custom-made to suit the electrical gadget. The surface mount technology incorporates other advance units like signal diodes, switches and more for added functionality.
Other components of PCB units
The electrical portion of the printed circuit board assembly PCBA is powered by a computer-automated framework as well. The manufacturing process begins with the fabrication of data generated by computer-aided design. The units also integrate a CAM or computer-aided manufacturing software. The CAM system offers the following advantages
Input of data
The CAM framework overlooks the input of data and its eventual sorting process. It also verifies the data and its credibility. Next, the information is sorted and compartmentalized into various sections to account for an easier transfer. The penalization process duplicates the data and creates an automatic backup. This removes the hassles and damages that might ultimately damage the component. Other processes involved here include PCB mining, photoengraving, laser etching and more.  
printed circuit board assembly pcba
The bottom line

PCBA is a complicated framework, although once you understand its basic construction, the process becomes a lot easier. Consult a professional if you want to optimize your component and enhance its functionality. 

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PCB Designing and Manufacturing Service Online 2020

The printed circuit boards are made up of copper and depending upon the requirements of the board, the copper is plated to a substrate. To get a secure fit it needs to be lined and bonded together.
Designing process
Designing the board is the most important step before you start with the manufacturing process. Based upon these blueprints you will be able to start with the designing. The design that is required for the various materials of the PCB manufacturing service will be done through software.
The design is printed
A special printer that is available at the PCB manufacturing service of GREATPCB SMT LIMITED will provide you providing the print. This will also provide you with a film where all the details of the board will be shown.
PCB Design
Preparing the Substrate
From this step, the formation of the structure will take place. The substrate is a material that will hold the structure along with the components. The copper is first pre-bonded on both the sides of the layer. Then it is etched so that the design is available from the printed films.
Print the inner layers
To laminate the body of the structure the design is first printed. A photo-reactive chemical that is used in the photosensitive film will start hardening when this will be exposed to an ultraviolet ray. The blueprint will help in the aligning process by drilling the holes.
Ultraviolet Light
After the alignment is done, the ultraviolet rays will harden the photoresist. The light will in carrying out the process. After it gets harden the board will then be washed in an alkaline solution so that the excess photoresist can be eliminated.
PCB Design
Remove the unwanted copper
The unwanted copper that is attached to the board needs to be removed. A chemical solution will help you in this process. They will take out the excess copper from the board and the photoresist remain at the same place.
The board is then checked for alignment and in this process, the holes will help. This will help in placing the inner as well as outer layers easily. A pin will help in keeping the layers together.
Lamination of the layers
As the layers are fused, the boards will try to take the shape. As the laminating process begins the metal clamps will help in laminating the layers. This is done with the help of copper foil and also with resin.
Heavy Copper PCB
Pressing the Layers
To press the layers a mechanical press will be applied on the board and along with that, the pins are also punched so that it is properly aligned. These pins are removed depending upon the requirement if needed. If everything is proper then the board will go for the laminating press where pressure and heat will be applied.
The holes are drilled through the layers with the help of the computer-guided drill so that it can expose the inner panels as substrate and the extra copper has been shredded.
This is how the designing, as well as the manufacturing process, is carried out.

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Choosing the Right PCB Manufacturer

Selecting the right flexible board manufacturer is a difficult task. As there are multiple circuit board manufacturers out there, it is important for you to select the best one. You will only be able to do it if you are having enough knowledge about the manufacturer that is available in the city. Every manufacturer will provide you with different services they have when it comes to the manufacturing of the circuit boards. Selecting the wrong manufacturer will increase the manufacturing time as well as your cost. A list of factors is discussed below which need to be considered before you select a manufacturer.

pcb prototype for medical products

Understanding the manufacturer

What kind of printed board manufacturer are you looking for? There are PCB assembly services manufacturers who are specialized in performing different works such as some of them manufactures assembly, some of them go for fabricators, etc. The work of fabricators is to only do the fabrication the boards and assembles are those manufacturers who will assemble the PCB for you for which you need to provide them with the parts. There are also manufacturers who will do every work such as procuring the part, assembling and then fabricating and at last testing the board before delivering. In the case of a manufacturer you just need to provide them with the design.

The quality of the boards

To make sure that the boards are running efficiently you need to make sure that the PCB is of top-class quality. In case if there is a failure in these boards after installing then there will be a loss of both money as well as time. That is why it is quite important to have a quality check of each and every material before making the final product. So ensure that you are selecting a manufacturer who is having a quality checking procedure of all the materials. To ensure that you are receiving the superior quality material you can also have a check at their manufacturing and quality testing procedures. The GREATPCB SMT LIMITED is one of the best PCB assembly services manufacturers who are known to provide you with the best quality materials.

pcba for radio frequency

Experience of the manufacturer

An experienced manufacturer has manufactured multiple varieties of circuit boards and has learnt a lot while manufacturing it. So they are now experts and they know how to handle a project. When an experienced manufacturer is doing the project then the chance of creating the error also reduces.

A certified manufacturer

Having an experience in the job does not mean that the manufacturer is the certified one to do the job. So before hiring a manufacturer, it is important that you check whether the company is certified one or not. Even if you are getting a manufacturer at a cheaper price you need to make sure that the quality is not affected. Selecting the certified manufacturer will make your work smooth as it will also follow the rules and regulations that are stated by the state authority as well.

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Why is 3D Printing Popular with PCB Prototype Services?

Earlier for the experimenting of the jets starting from the designing table to the models of the wind tunnels, it is used to take a lot of time. The aircraft designers used to design on the basis of blackboard mathematics instead of doing it in computer applications. But now a day’s the PCB prototyping has come a long way from the type of prototyping they used to a decade ago. These prototypes have processed from the clay models to the technologies through which one can add as well as subtract materials depending upon the requirement. A lot of things still need to be processed like the milling, film transfer, and plating, etching and also drilling.

standard pcb

Evolution of 3D designing

With the evolution of 3D designing, the PCB prototype services have come a long way. The advantages that are achieved with 3D printed have helped a lot in the manufacturing process. This was only possible because of the 3D software that is present in the market. The uniformity in designing the circuit boards has been possible only with the use of the 3D software.

Prototyping and the 3D Printing

The 3D printing model will be able to show you the attachment points for the boards. The designing team can definitely consider the physical layout of the board as well. To know how the actual structure will look like you will be able to have a view of that in the X, Y, and Z-axis. The GREATPCB SMT LIMITED will provide you with the best PCB prototype servicesIn case, if you want to change some parts after looking at the design in the 3D software then you can definitely do that and this will not incur you with an extra expense as well.

pcba for function control main boards

Aligning the connections

This 3D design will help in showing the connections that will align with the parts. The complexity of the layout, as well as the distance between the traces, can also be changed depending upon the requirement of the model. All these procedures help in accelerating the development of the circuit board cycle by eliminating the time that was supposed to be required in the layout. In this way, the products are also easily and quickly produced by the 3d software.

For manufacturing with 3D printing

Earlier the experiments used to take place in an enclosed space now due to the advancement in the technology; it has been easier to test the prototype in an actual environment and the results that are achieved are also more accurate. This way it has been quite helpful while designing aerospace or for any materials in the military field. It has helped in wing designing with a lot of distinctive control methods, various engine technologies, etc.

pcb prototype for medical products

Creatively using 3D technology

Throughout the development process, the 3D software can be used. They help in dealing with the building of complex geometric shapes as well. Designing those structures that are not possible with the hand can be done with the 3D software.

The above reasons will help in determining why 3D designing has become popular in a short span of time.



Designing for Optimization of Printed Circuit Board Assembly

While designing a PCB it is quite important for an engineer to read the instructions before starting with the project. By going through the instructions it will help a person to eliminate the errors that he or she might have caused unknowingly. Following a well-defined structure of rules for designing the assembly is important for a manufacturer. By doing this, the process becomes smooth and can be quickly done.


smart home main boards pcba



Optimized PCB assembly board designing


For designing the Printed Circuit Board Assembly, the components that are required for designing the assembly is often undervalued. That is why the quality of the assembly decreases. It is always important to select each and every component-based upon quality so that the durability of the board increases. Selecting each and every component consumes time but this will avoid causing errors in the future. The choice of the component can also reduce the circuit board assembly steps when it is either used for service mount devices or through-hole but not for both.


Select the right component for optimization of the board assembly


The Printed Circuit Board Assembly which is manufactured by GREATPCB SMT LIMITED is known to be the best products that are available in the countryHave a look at the various factors that are required to be considered which are discussed below.


pcba for control boards for industry



Either through service mount devices or through-hole


The service mount devices through the process are mounted differently and so different procedure is required to continue with the steps. The circuit board assembly steps can be reduced by using either of them.


Select the components that can withstand high temperature


When the soldering process is done, the temperature is usually added by 80 degrees Celsius or sometimes even more than that. The components which are temperature sensitivity will not be able to withstand such high temperature. So you need to consider these things before selecting the component.


pcba for radio frequency main boards



Using components that are sensitive to X-ray radiations


In case if the components those are sensitive to X-ray radiations are used then you need to be careful about it. These components are used for a deeper level of internal observation. Some of the components can also suffer from radiation damage during the exposure.



At a glance


As these circuit boards are used for a lot of applications that is why the demand of these boards is also increasing. They are used in a lot of manufacturing units, military field, and medical instrumentation and also in other sectors as well. It has been providing a lot of its products to the electronics manufacturing industries. The manufacturing company has the capability to provide you with the best quality PCBs. Before supplying the boards it is tested first and then it is supplied to the client. Some of the companies do the process of manufacturing each and every component and then assembling it on the board and then supplying it to the client. Hire the best company which can provide you with the best component as well as the best PCBs. 



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Benefits Of Employing Contract PCB Assembly Manufacturing Services

Are you looking for a manufacturer which can provide you with the best assembly manufacturing services? Most of the industries are in need of the printed boards especially the electronic industry. Employing the best manufacturing service will help you with a lot of things. To build a successful business, the electronics industry is looking at having new ways. To save on the expenses it is better to go for contract manufacturing services that will provide you with the efficient board circuits. Some of the factors which are listed below will help you in knowing why a contract board manufacturer can be an asset for your company.
PCBA for radio frequency
Manufacturing all products under one roof
An experienced manufacturing company will provide you with all the manufacturing items under the roof which means you do not need to go to different companies for assembling different components. They can handle everything starting from the initial stage itself. In many electronic manufacturers, the supply chain logistic needs to be taken care, this company helps in this sector as well. The PCB Assembly Services are known to provide with all the services under a single roof.
Reducing the designing time
In the circuit board designing, time is an important factor. A lot of time is involved in assembling and in the fabrication process. The GREATPCB SMT LIMITED is the best PCB Assembly Services who have the best designing team who are quite talented. They will do the work at a faster rate and in this way, the time also gets reduced. At times the design might get failed and a new structure need to be prepared and during this time it is important to complete the project on time. Hiring the contract board manufacturer will help you in this process. 
prototype PCB assembly for medical products
Maintaining accuracy and speed of production
While maintaining the quality it is also important to maintain the accuracy level. Due to advancement in the technology, it will be easier for a contract manufacturing service to deliver the product in a short time by maintaining the accuracy level. To avoid malfunction the boards are tested in real environments.  
Operational cost is less
While fabricating the printed boards, people always look for those companies who are more experienced so that they can handle the project in an easy way without any extra costs. It is better to opt for the contract manufacturing company so that the operation cost can be reduced to a great extent.
PCBA for control boards for industry
Cost of the materials is less
The cost also goes on increasing as you go on selecting the higher quality products. This is a cause of concern for the small electronic manufacturing companies. These companies help you in providing you with the best quality material at a cheaper rate.
Replacement of products

The PCB materials need to have warranty period so that in case they get spoiled at certain period then the company should be able to provide you with the replacement product as well and will help in reducing the cost as well.

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Original Prototype PCB Assembly- GREATPCB SMT LIMITED

Are you aware of the role played by a printed circuit board? This board comprises an electrical circuit where a mechanical structure lends support to the conductors and components. The mechanical structure comprises of insulating material that is being laminated between various layers of conductive material. The conductors consist of heat sinks as well as traces of copper.

Saving of time

With the passage of time, the world of PCB has undergone a revolutionary change. Even decades back, the prototype board used to be made by the designer. In the last couple of years, the PCB manufacturing industry has grown to a considerable extent. Save your money and time by seeking the help of  reliable prototype PCB assembly suppliers GREATPCB SMT LIMITED.

Cost-effective solution

During the early period, no one used to get in touch with the PCB manufacturer for printing a prototype. The designers involved used to craft their own proto independently, or they sometimes used to get in touch with a small scale manufacturer for getting their proto done. Examine the website of GREATPCB
and you will get superior quality services at cost-effective rates from prototype PCB assembly service providers. In the early times, the printing cost of a prototype used to be significantly high. With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more designers are turning their attention to PCB manufacturers to satisfy their prototyping requirements.

Superior quality

The PCB manufacturers are in a position to print such products at a significantly reduced rate in comparison to olden times. Even a small volume of production is feasible. Both the PCB manufacturers and designers came to be benefitted from this technology. It is now possible for the designers to avail of top-grade quality prototypes at cost-effective rates. If the designers had crafted prototypes independently, then that would have been a time-consuming affair. Not only that, the process would have been quite tedious. Prototype manufacturers have the ability now to complete the entire process of printing within a short span of time. So the electronics designers do not even want to get involved because of the rapid turnaround time of manufacturers.

Free from defects

One of the first factors that should be taken into account while choosing a PCB partner is the quality. Care should be taken so that the prototype remains free from all kinds of errors. The company should ensure that the materials chosen remain free of all defects. All these steps will lead to an improvement in quality. It is a smart idea to check out the services offered by the relevant manufacturer. Assessment of the quality of the PCB manufacturer is necessary for obtaining the right kind of prototypes. Make sure that they regard the prototype requirements of the customer as a top priority. 

Decide sensibly

It is a prudent decision on your side to do detailed homework on the online platform. The objective is to ensure the selection of a manufacturer of repute. You should glance through the various reviews posted by some of the clients in the past. Arrive at a decision only after taking a look at these reviews.

PCB Assembly in china – The Solution for Your Prototype PCB Project

China has always been a hub for electronics products. It has large manufacturing plants for a wide range of electronics devices and gadgets. The country is a leader in the global market. If you have an idea to manufacture a unique electronic device, then a Chinese service provider in this context can help you nurture it. You must consult a top-rated Chinese company to enhance your idea. Converting your concept into a PCB product is enthralling via a series of prototype models. A Chinese company in this sector efficiently handles your PCB project by considering all the relevant details.

Image may contain: 1 person

Reducing the cost

To reduce the cost of production, you must consult a company GREATPCB SMT LIMITED that essentially has expertise in prototype pcb assembly. It is one of the most critical procedures of the whole manufacturing process. It is vital to contact a reputed company that has been doing similar assignments for several years. If you can optimize your pcb assembly procedures, then you will save money, and gain substantial profit margins in the long run. The various stages of prototyping have different weights in making your PCB project successful. You must never undermine the significance of prototype tuning. 

The advantages of Chinese solutions

You might be wondering about how a reputed Chinese company from the electronics industry can solve your doubts about the PCB project. Numerous factors make the Chinese companies expert in this specific field. They should be a natural choice when you are thinking about enhancing your PCB project qualitatively. The following list of factors will provide you with some concrete ideas about prototype PCB assembly. 

No photo description available.

·         China has the most advanced supply chain of electronics components in the world. It makes it a natural choice in the competitive market. You should always try to take advantage of this fact. The Chinese professionals will never let you down in terms of transforming your creative idea into a successful PCB project.

·         A Chinese company usually has a massive stock of spare electronics components. It reduces the cost and risk of prototyping significantly. You have to face minimal technical bottlenecks when working on your PCB project. You can save time by consulting a Chinese company in this context. 

·         If you do you PCB assembly in China, then you can be confident about saving cost in the architectural stage of the product development. Experts say that the architectural step determines about 60% of development costs. The Chinese service providers are experts in managing the architectural stage for you using patent technologies. 

·         Deciding the whole designing aspect of your assembly idea can be detrimental to your product development. Chinese companies take care of the aspect of efficiency. They provide you with the necessary technical back-up. You can be surer about the quality of your prototype PCB project. You get a lot of support in taking sub-optimal decisions in various development stages. You save a lot of money in designing aspects. 

Benefits in the long term 

You can blindly trust a Chinese company if you are serious about making your prototype PCB project successful. You save on costs and reap benefits in the long term.  

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