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PCB Assembly in china – The Solution for Your Prototype PCB Project

China has always been a hub for electronics products. It has large manufacturing plants for a wide range of electronics devices and gadgets. The country is a leader in the global market. If you have an idea to manufacture a unique electronic device, then a Chinese service provider in this context can help you nurture it. You must consult a top-rated Chinese company to enhance your idea. Converting your concept into a PCB product is enthralling via a series of prototype models. A Chinese company in this sector efficiently handles your PCB project by considering all the relevant details.

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Reducing the cost

To reduce the cost of production, you must consult a company GREATPCB SMT LIMITED that essentially has expertise in prototype pcb assembly. It is one of the most critical procedures of the whole manufacturing process. It is vital to contact a reputed company that has been doing similar assignments for several years. If you can optimize your pcb assembly procedures, then you will save money, and gain substantial profit margins in the long run. The various stages of prototyping have different weights in making your PCB project successful. You must never undermine the significance of prototype tuning. 

The advantages of Chinese solutions

You might be wondering about how a reputed Chinese company from the electronics industry can solve your doubts about the PCB project. Numerous factors make the Chinese companies expert in this specific field. They should be a natural choice when you are thinking about enhancing your PCB project qualitatively. The following list of factors will provide you with some concrete ideas about prototype PCB assembly. 

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·         China has the most advanced supply chain of electronics components in the world. It makes it a natural choice in the competitive market. You should always try to take advantage of this fact. The Chinese professionals will never let you down in terms of transforming your creative idea into a successful PCB project.

·         A Chinese company usually has a massive stock of spare electronics components. It reduces the cost and risk of prototyping significantly. You have to face minimal technical bottlenecks when working on your PCB project. You can save time by consulting a Chinese company in this context. 

·         If you do you PCB assembly in China, then you can be confident about saving cost in the architectural stage of the product development. Experts say that the architectural step determines about 60% of development costs. The Chinese service providers are experts in managing the architectural stage for you using patent technologies. 

·         Deciding the whole designing aspect of your assembly idea can be detrimental to your product development. Chinese companies take care of the aspect of efficiency. They provide you with the necessary technical back-up. You can be surer about the quality of your prototype PCB project. You get a lot of support in taking sub-optimal decisions in various development stages. You save a lot of money in designing aspects. 

Benefits in the long term 

You can blindly trust a Chinese company if you are serious about making your prototype PCB project successful. You save on costs and reap benefits in the long term.  

The Difference Between Selective Soldering And Wave Soldering For PCB Assembly

When it comes to printed circuit boards, soldering like the wave and selective are commonly used methods. However, both of these soldering techniques carries its own pros and cons and will offer different results in the process. Therefore, good-quality soldering will help in making firm joints, between different metals that are used for making single items. It is compulsory to make the right connection, between the wires in order to make the electronic equipment to work, in a much more efficient manner. In order to know more about the two types of soldering, and its benefits allow this document to deliver you, the accurate information.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Understanding the difference between wave and selective soldering

Given below is the complete guide and information of the two of soldering, and how they happen to play their respective roles, in order to provide a better Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Selective Soldering:

The selective soldering is considered being a variant of wave soldering, as they are used for soldering a Printed Circuit Board Assembly. They are assembled entirely with the through-hole components. There are three stages in the process of selective soldering namely, application of liquid flux, the, and soldering with solder-nozzle. The double-sided PCB has become quite popular for their services on both lighter and smaller products. Therefore, the use of selective soldering has also increased, with each time passing. The selective soldering has a series of benefits, under its belt and they are provided below.

  • Helps in the process of reproducibility.
  • The solder joints are very much reliable.
  • There is no need to mask some of the components since the flux provided separately.
  • The usage of glue is not required.
  • Helps in setting out various parameters for all the components.
  • They are eligible to be used on boards where solders cannot play its part.
  • It leads to an overall expense optimization.

Wave Soldering:

Wave soldering also goes by the name flow soldering is considered being a common method of soldering, which takes place under the gas atmosphere that is safe. Therefore, the using of nitrogen reduces the rise of soldering defects, in the process. The wave soldering is designed to be more secure and carries its own technological limitations.

The above-mentioned benefits are some of them in the category for wave soldering, and these benefits will serve as your source of information.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Things to know about soldering in PCB assembly

You can choose the type of method, you wish to use in order to perform the PCB assembly service, and no matter which method you select, it is guaranteed you will receive a positive outcome from both the soldering methods.

Final note!

The information and details provided in this document will enable you to have a clear understanding, on both the soldering methods and the performance, and the benefits they happen to offer. Make sure you always get products from a reliable manufacturer with years of experience in this sector!


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How Greatpcb Attract Their Customers Through PCB Design

The industry for printed circuit boards or PCB is considered being a competitive industry, since and companies who deal entirely with PCB, will look up to good strategies in order to increase the lead. The printed circuit boards are used in both big and small electrical devices, and gadgets and numerous industries require the use of PCB in their particular business, in order to create their specific machines or devices. However, in order to grab the attention of the customers, through the PCB designs, you need to have all the right methods, tools and techniques.
pcb design services
How to grab the attention of customers?
In order to increase your leads for your PCB business, taking the help of the email marketing strategies will do the trick, as it will help in meeting all your needs when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers and increasing your PCB business. Email marketing is considered being the strongest procedures, for all the PCB manufacturers, in order to attract the audience with their pcb design services, and get to build the stage of loyalty with the existing ones.
The importance of PCB Design
With the help of PCB fabrication and layout services, it will also enable the PCB manufacturers, to allow their customers to get access into the market This is because the pcb design services are provided by highly qualified engineers have years of experience in the field of designs. Therefore, these designs are done in such a way, which helps in offering good performance.
Given below are some of the points, which allow you to have a clear understanding, on how email-marketing will bring success for your business. They are:
PCB Design
1.        The ability to educate the customers
It is very important to allow your users, to have a clear image about the products you are offering, which in return will enable them to increase the likeliness of the product, and give them the urge to purchase it even when the product is not the cheapest. This is because, individuals remember more when carrying a piece of information, about the product they are purchasing or will make the purchase.
When you get to offer them that information, they will come to trust you and is considered being a good sign. Therefore, in order to run a successful PCB market, you need to convey the message of your facilities capabilities, and hence ensure your customers that your company is the right place, to get the boards manufactured.
2.        (ROI) Higher return on investment
Email marketing is known to be the highest ROI performers in the industry, and this all thanks to the low-cost of sending emails and building the contents. However, in the competitive field for the printed circuit board industry, it will enable you to receive a good amount of gains, when you get to use your existing email list of the previous clients. This will definitely enable you to receive positive results as your customers will respond you back.
The final note
With the above-mentioned information, you will receive a clear understanding, on how to grab the attention of your potential clients, for your PCB business, so that you get to run a successful PCB manufacturing company in the future.

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How Greatpcb Give Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services Worldwide?

From the days to wire wrap circuits and point-to-point circuits to till date PCB circuits have undergone a number of fabrication and changes. And now in this modern world of agility and pace the need for time management even in circuitry has become crucial. Thus comes the concept of flex circuit boards with quick turnaround timings. In case you have already heard the term quick turn PCB here’s a brief guide to explain the particular niches relating to it.



Start with definition

In this modern world where everyone is dealing with deadlines and time crunches customers always look for PCB assembly services that takes least possible time. Quick turn PCB ensures customers a timely delivery of boards pushing manufacturers to deliver in least amount of time frame.

The advantages

Here are few of the selected advantages for quick time PCB assembly services

  • Reduced timeframe

Probably the biggest advantage of using quick turn circuitry is to reduce any delay in product delivery

  • Time saver

Once you opt for an agency that serves you quick turn PCB manufacturers be rest assured your waiting period of reduced to quarter.

  • Overall manufacturing process scaled

Assembly is an integral part and probably one of the most important steps in a complete circuit boards manufacturing. And prolonged time span for assembling the electronic chips extends the overall production time frame. With a quick frame assembly there is a reduction in manufacturing time.

The choice of firm

Always remember that the firm you choose should provide customers with PCBs which are code compliant with adhering codes like RoHS, ISO, UL, Reach etc.

Over the course of years GreatPCB have transformed themselves to become your one stop PCB manufacturer’s option. Their experience of handling PCB projects worth millions of dollars across the globe, their expertise and their stringent quality control all comprehensively contributes to our being the best.

In the field of components sourcing as well GreatPCB leaves significant impact. Here are few reasons on why GreatPCB can be a must choice.

  • Experience

A vast experience of purchasing and handling of electronic circuit components for over 12 years. Along with experience of over 2 thousand clients handling. All sums to enrich the experience of GreatPCB.

  • Global outreach

GreatPCB has their services not only confined to China but to other parts of the world as well. This global outreach not only vouches for their customer base but also increases their expertise over prototypes in various fields.

  • Material management

When it comes to procure the electrical components you can be assured to rely on GreatPCB as their material management suppers comes with all requisite licenses. All suppliers comes with IQC standard system certification.

  • Parts supply

GreatPCB offers you parts supply based on whole BOM

  • Varied range

They offer a varied range of products of more than 20,000 kinds of Yageo, Murata, AVX, Kemet Capacitor and Resistors etc.

So when you are thinking of ordering for a new device prototype choosing leading companies like GreatPCB not to makes the process agile but you get a uniform state-of-the-art quality standard as well.


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Things To Know For PCB Prototype Assembly

PCBs or printed circuit boards are the core of any device. Came as an alternative to traditional wire wrap technology PCB has undergone the highest round of modification till date. Gone are the days when engineers use to craft their own designs and boards. Whereas nowadays people are more inclined towards prototype PCB manufacturers for a more agile and comprehensive service. And when you as an entrepreneur are thinking about going into outsourcing for your prototype choosing the best company becomes an absolute necessity.

PCB assembly: what goes in?

Printed circuit assembly comes as the penultimate phase for any PCB board. To describe prototype PCB assembly is a step in your PCB prototyping where you populate a blank board with numerous electric components that makes it a functional circuit board. It is basically these assembly of small electronic components that conducts the electric flow within the board.

Modes of manufacturing

There are two main ways of manufacturing prototype PCB assembly generally followed by professional manufacturers which are the surface mount technology and hole technology.

Thus when you are about to hire an agency to conduct this utmost important step there are a number of things you should consider first.

Things to consider for hiring prototype assembly companies

  • Expertise

For hiring any company a stringent check over their expertise is absolutely necessary. Begin with searching what kind of expertise area the company possesses. Whether they have expertise over flex or rigid circuits or multilayer and single circuits. Check whether turnkey service features are available or not. Check what materials they offer.

  • Experience

Checking customer base before finalising any company with your device is an absolute must for you. Check what kind of customer base they have. In case if they have a long customer base it shows their high experience. Also don’t forget to tally their experience with your field of need.

  • Capabilities

It is always advisable that you go for company who have an end to end project management service. So before fixing on any company check whether they have policies for inventory management, warehousing, shipping management etc. or not?  Note that a company which provides these kind of processes play a vital role in streamlining your assembly.

  • Quality

Quality should come as the prime priority when choosing for PCB assemblers. There should be stringent quality benchmarks before any board is printed.

Note that companies that have in-house designing and assembly process always have a better quality standards than separate ones.

While hiring any company here are few questions to ask about their quality standards

  • What are the tests they run for quality check?
  • Do they have any state-of-the-art technology for checking quality standards?
  • Do they have consistency regarding quality?


  • Layout

Before actually plunging in to production action it is always best if the company allows you to run some checks on the layout. This helps in adding bits in case needed.

Apart from these make sure to check their international repute, project handling skills, time management capabilities and not the least their costing and make the right choice for your prototype assembling.

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Why Is China Known As The Leading Pcb Assembly Country?

China has everything a country needs for an active booming economy: a stable political environment, rich human and natural resources, positive national policies and a strong international influence. Which is why, as one of the largest developing countries, it holds great power in electronics manufacturing. Here is why PCB is so relevant in China.


  1. Resources

As far as PCB assembly manufacturing is concerned, China is full to the brim with resources that support it. With a large domestic demand, comprehensive supporting industries and a relatively low labor cost, China has become one of the biggest producers of electronics manufacturing services. China is actually the number 1 in its electronic manufacturing all over the world, its printed circuit board manufacturing having surpassed Japan in 2006.

Till date, Chinese industries in China have a hold over about 50% of international business, wherein China has become the largest supplier of PCB assembly manufacturing. Newer high tech and added value printed circuit boards are taking over the market, which is where China blooms. People are now buying HDI printed circuit boards and heavy copper ones over single/double-sided and multilayer boards.

  1. Environment

China has a steady economic, natural and political environment so product security, vacant expectation and unpredictably prolonged delivery times are a thing of the past with Chinese manufacturers. This is what makes or breaks an electronics manufacturing industry. As one of the leading countries with economic strength, China has focused deeply on the nation and people in almost all aspects. This is how China flourishes.

  1. Scientific progress

China has a bad rap for being the country that everything is ‘made’ in. But it is the firm resolution of Chinese scientific innovation to change the view public view of seeing their products as ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China.’ China has admirably ranked high amongst the top tier in electronics manufacturing, with the proud notion that some companies have achieved highly innovative techniques like Flex printed circuit boards and Flex-rigid printed circuit boards. As China keeps raising the bar for it and their product structure has also been undergoing gradual optimization.

  1. Environmental friendliness

There is a raised awareness of environmental protection amongst Chinese electronic manufacturers. In the past several years the Chinese have been increasing rigorous regulations where they have to comply with environmental protection policies. Factories can be disqualified and shut down if they do not abide by these policies. RoHS certification and lead-free requirements have become the standard.

Role in international trade

China took on an active role in international trade almost as soon as the opening policy was implemented 30 years ago. They had been carrying out full scale exports! After having suffered from seclusion, Chinese president Xi Jingping has been actively trying to open and reform policies, and has been playing a major role in international trade stages like G20 and APEC.

China has been innovating and progressing in their electronics manufacturing industries at lighting pace, which is how they have become the leading country for printed circuit board assemblies.


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How You Want To Choose The Right PCB prototype manufacturer

PCB is a delicate yet important tool, so you want to make the prototypes to be just right to serve the purpose you want. Here are some tips on how to research and find out which manufacturer would be best for you.
Industry Experience
When it comes to pcb prototype services, the amount of experience they have in non-negotiable. It's pretty quick and easy to look up online and find out how long a company has been around and how many years of practical experience they have had with a license. With products as complex as these, you want to have a successful track record to hold up against their company motto and credibility.
Again, it is pretty easy to find out if a company produces quality products by reading reviews and client referrals. Prototypes are not easy to make, and you want a team of skilled professionals to provide pcb prototype services in customizing and designing it the way you would like. The prototype you have printed out should be error-free, and have no defects in the material that the company chooses to use. You can tell product quality by finding out the services offered by them, how seriously they take a client and how much importance they give to their job. In fact, talking to customer service can show you how well informed they are, which will tell you if they can offer the services you are searching for.
Price factor
The ‘printed circuit board’ industry is mostly China based, which is why it tends to be highly competitive, and people are always dropping their prices to seem more appealing. However, no matter how tempted you are to go for a cheaper deal, remember that those who charge more usually have better materials and a better technology. So if you find a company who fits your criteria, do not sacrifice it for the price factor.
Minimum order quantity
You should always check the minimum order quantity that a manufacturer requires. Since the prototype is an early model, getting a large number of them will not be cost-effective for you. So if a company is asking for a higher minimum order quantity that would be out of your budget, you probably should not go with that manufacturer. Minimum order quantity should be open for negotiation, and as a designer, you should have the option of negotiating with the manufacturer for more offers in the future.
Delivery speed
Delivery of your prototype needs to be quick, otherwise, you might end up waiting 2 weeks for one set of prototypes. Prototype projects are infamous for working on tight deadlines. You want a manufacturer that delivers within 5 days, and if they have the option, speed delivery of 1-2 days.
Now hopefully you have a better picture of how to choose the right prototype company for you. Prototypes can be a delicate and expensive process, and hence it would be preferable if you found the right company on your first try.



Why Greatpcb Is Best Pcb Manufacturer China

While thinking about the kind of things you would want from a PCB manufacturing company, you would find that the leading company checks off all of those boxes.
They are a PCB the manufacturer that offers everything and anything you might need to create printed circuit boards of outstanding quality. Greatpcb provides OEM services like function testing, sourcing components, and advice on design priorities. Their customer service is quick to provide solutions and answers.
It is no surprise that everyone’s first criteria for choosing a company would be quality. They take clients seriously when it comes to providing services like prototypes and final products. The company also offers many high quality PCB products like the standard one, flex PCB, metal PCB and allow for PCB assembly. Greatpcb caters towards manufacturing units, government, military, medical instrumentation and so many other sectors. This is all because they trust in the quality and standard maintained by them, making it the best pcb manufacturer China.
Assembly service
The top company delivers design, manufacturing and SMT testing of any and all kinds in the electronics field. They offer stellar assembly service for ‘printed circuit boards’ that meet increasing every day customer demands. Their skilled teams can provide a quick printer and full turn-key switch board.
These assembly services also include sources of component testing, sourcing and design. The ‘printed circuit boards’assembly requires a level of knowledge that is gained after years of experience, which is something that their team possesses. They have an in-depth understanding of the printed board circuit, fabrication and final product of PCB.
Customization and design
The best company essentially delivers the design that you provide. Other than creating standard s, they also manage to assemble printed circuit boards with the customizations you want in mind. They can offer consultation of what is possible and what isn’t, but more often than not they can make your design choices come true. Their expertise and handling of the printed board circuit and full turn-key switch board makes them more than capable of customizing according to what you like. You can change the design any time you want and they will still be able to provide for it.
Industry experience
You would want a company that knows what they are doing in order to provide an efficient product. Industry experience is something this company offers in a way that shows through the quality of the products. You can be rest-assured knowing that a group of not only highly skilled, but also experienced professionals are handling your products.
Cost and delivery
They create affordable PCBs even for large corporations. We have such a wide range of products that any number of them can fit inside your wallet. They deliver products on time so you do not have to wait too long to decide which aspects of the design you need to change.
Greatpcb is your one-stop for great quality services and printed circuit boards products in China. Make a purchase today!

Infographics – PCB Quality Assurance By Great PCB



Great PCB has own strict quality control system, each one produce a link book have strict quality control system, possessions to handle a worker going to post without exception by the fact that strict mass training and checking queen ability. 

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Great PCB is going great guns in the low and mid volume electronic contract manufacturing outsourced services sector.Our location gives us the best advantage to serve electronic manufacturing industries worldwide.We serve electronic manufacturing units, military, government, medical instrumentation and other sectors with our total turnkey PCB and PCB assembly services.

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